SOCHI, Russia –A woman in Russia has been volunteering for sporting events for almost as long as she can remember. Neile Jones had a chance to talk with her about her dedication to the spirit of the games.

This isn’t Sabrina Kerber’s first rodeo;

“I’ve been involved in Vancouver winter Olympics and also im a driver for Australian open tennis I’ve been in games in Melbourne in 2006 the fund world swim championships and the homeless world cup soccer,” said Kerber.

This year she says the games seem a little different.

“It’s a whole new generation that I’m volunteering with its lots of young girls and they seem to spend a lot of time on Facebook.” Kerber’s is working at the Iceburg ensuring media and athletes connect.

She loves it but volunteering comes at a price.

“I’ve taken 5 week leave without pay so it’s costing me about 3,000
a week ..its worth it.”

If you are considering volunteering in 2018 take a pros advice, “do do it without hesitation”