New giant flying reptile discovered

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Scientists release study on new dinosaur called 'frozen dragon of the north wind.'

(CNN) – The “frozen dragon of the north wind!”

That’s what scientists are calling their newest dinosaur discovery.

They say this is what the “Cryodrakon Boreas” looked like 77- million years ago.

It’s nothing like the dragon ride like Daenerys Targaryen pulled off in “Game of Thrones” but the dinosaur is believed to be one of the largest flying animals that ever lived.

The gigantic reptile had a long neck and a wingspan that stretched nearly 33-feet.

Researchers first discovered its fossils 30- years ago in Alberta, Canada but they thought they belonged to another species.

New research revealed the bones actually belonged to a new species– the first of its kind to be found in Canada.

The journal of Vertebrate Paleontology published a paper on the new species this week.

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