Now is the ideal time to harvest rainwater, officials say


AMARIILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) – 2019 has seen a good amount of rain so far this year, but with that rainfall, it is often easy to forget the importance of harvesting it.

Recent rains have brought a good amount of moisture here to the panhandle. So far in both May and June, Amarillo has received more rain on average than in previous years, some areas receiving more, which is why water officials said right now is an ideal time to catch and harvest that rainwater, not during a drought.

“A lot of times when it’s raining we forget that droughts happen in our area. Our memories are short sometimes. When we start catching that water during the rainy times of the year, we can hold on to it, save it, and use it during our drier times like in July or August,” said Education and Outreach Coordinator for the High Plains Water District, Katherine Drury.

Harvesting is not as complicated as you may think. Drury said it is pretty easy. 

“It can be as simple as sticking a five-gallon bucket under the eve of your roof where maybe a lot of water falls off, that’s where a lot of people get started,” said Drury.

A little goes a long way.

“Even with the smaller systems, they catch the right amount of rainwater maybe for a week of watering your vegetable garden,” Drury said.

Perhaps the most important factor of all this is the quality of the rainwater itself.

(Drury):”It’s the purest we have. It is neutral ph, low in salts and minerals, and our plants really thrive on rainwater as opposed to other water sources because of its purity,” said Drury.

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