Good Saturday everyone,

Unseasonal warmth for early November will transpire across the High Plains through the rest of the weekend and the early work week. High temperatures on Sunday will hover in the low 80’s across the region, with a steady climb into the mid to upper 80’s by Monday and Tuesday evening. Primarily sunny and benign conditions will accompany this abnormal late fall heat as an upper-level high with the attendant downsloping flow will stagnate over the southwestern United States. Moreover, a robust jet stream intersecting the Rockies may promote intermittent blustery conditions with gusts upwards or over 30 mph, especially on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. Suppose you are not a fan of the anomalous heat. In that case, you’re in luck, as a cold front will track through the area late Tuesday into Wednesday, dropping our peak temperatures into the 70’s for Wednesday and even further into the upper 50’s and 60’s for days following. 

Forecaster Landry Judd

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