Hello everyone!

Today, believe it or not, we actually have another cool front drifting across the Panhandles.  But before you get your hopes for a repeat of this past Monday, don’t.  This afternoon will be just as hot as yesterday, even though we have a north wind of 5 to 15 mph.  Temperatures look to soar back into the 90’s and low 100’s.  Amarillo should top out near 103, which would be a new record high, eclipsing 102, set back in 2019.  Tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday might reach a range between 98 to 109, while Monday through Thursday will continue in the upper 90’s.

Regarding rain, other than a stray thunderstorm here or there from time to time, precipitation chances will stay slim to none through Sunday.

Have a safe and enjoyable day, everyone!  Try to stay cool and over hydrated with water during these hot spells!   

Chief Meteorologist John Harris