Good Saturday everyone,

Gorgeous Fall-like weather is in store for the High Plains for the next few days, as temperatures will range from the upper 60’s through the low 80’s with mostly sunny skies. A cold front is expected to traverse the region late Tuesday evening into Tuesday night, dropping our highs from the low 80’s into the 70’s and upper 60’s into Wednesday and Thursday. Unfortunately, a robust jet stream behind an upper-level low-pressure disturbance will override the region starting Tuesday, permitting breezy conditions with wind gusts at or above 30 mph through Wednesday. Wildfires may become a concern due to the abundance of parched vegetation, exceptionally low humidity, and blustery conditions on Tuesday so please take the necessary precautions to prevent out-of-control fires. Furthermore, precipitation chances will be severely mitigated if not completely absent throughout the work week and next weekend. 

Forecaster Landry Judd

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