Good Saturday morning, everyone!

We are waking up to a clear sky with cold lows in the 30’s.  Amarillo will start out around 35, while some locations across our northern counties could briefly touch the freezing mark of 32 around daybreak.  As the day unfolds, a mostly sunny sky is expected, with light northwest winds of 2 to 12 mph.  Temperatures will respond, moderating back into the 60’s and low 70’s this afternoon.  Amarillo should top out near 67.  No rain is in the forecast, but we do have the annular solar eclipse, which runs between the hours of 10:17 am to 1:17 pm.  For Amarillo and the surrounding area, the eclipse should be spectacular with nearly 85% of the sun being covered by the moon at 11:43 am.  Remember not to look directly at the sun unless you have special eyewear on. 

Tomorrow will start out cold with morning lows close to freezing, followed by sunshine, light northwest winds, and highs back in the upper 60’s and low 70’s.  Monday and Tuesday will continue to warm with a blend of 70’s and low 80, followed by a slight chance of isolated thunderstorms on Wednesday.  Much cooler weather returns later in the week.

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend, everyone!

Chief Meteorologist John Harris