Good evening, everyone!

Above seasonal temperatures will persist across the viewing area through the weekend and the following work week. High temps will exist well within the upper 90s but likely flirting with the triple digits, especially in downtown Amarillo, where the urban heat island effect will be present, as well as the low elevation regions. Additionally, temperatures within the Palo Duro Canyon state park today are anticipated to surpass the century mark quickly, with highs in the 105 to 110 degrees range. Therefore, nobody regardless of their health is advised to venture out to Palo Duro or engage in strenuous outdoor activities, such as hiking, after 10 a.m. CDT.  If you are to be outside, please take the necessary precautions, such as drinking ample water, abstaining from physically demanding activities, and, most importantly, staying out of direct sunshine. This exceptional heat can be owed to a huge high-pressure system from the surface extending into the upper levels of the atmosphere that will promote sinking and compressing air, akin to a pressure cooker. This system will also discourage our chances of rainfall, but robust heating combined with some modest moisture may allow for the development of some fair weather cumulus in the afternoons. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this ridge is here to stay for at least the next week or so with precipitation chances few and far between. 

Forecaster Landry Judd

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