Hi everyone, 

Scattered strong to severe thunderstorms may be in the offing throughout this week.  Any storm that forms could pulse strong to severe with pockets of hail, high winds, and heavy downpours.  The tornado threat is low, but not completely absent.  Stay weather aware, if a thunderstorm is near your location.  Seek substantial shelter until it passes by.  Also, flooding may become a concern for areas where storms train or move over the same location.  Regarding temperatures, today should be humid and pleasant, with afternoon highs in the 70’s and low 80’s.  Tomorrow through Saturday will follow suit with possible showers and thunderstorms and highs close to 80.  Sunday could turn muggy and hotter with temperatures near 90.

Have a safe and enjoyable week, everyone!  Please stay alert to any thunderstorm activity in your vicinity. 

Chief Meteorologist John Harris 

Check here for today’s Amarillo, Canyon, and High Plains regional forecast and weather radar.