Good Saturday morning, everyone!

Today will start out cool with lows around 40.  As the day unfolds, a mostly sunny sky is expected with light northerly winds of 5 to 15 mph.  Temperatures will respond, warming back into the 70’s during the afternoon.  Amarillo should top out near 74.  Tomorrow will be even warmer with breezy southwest winds, and highs around 82.  Monday will hover in the low to mid 80’s, while Tuesday could reach into the windy mid to upper 80’s.  As of this writing, no rain or snow is expected over the next several days. As a result, the wildfire danger could become a concern on breezy or windy days.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend, everyone!  Just a reminder – set your clocks back one hour before going to bed tonight.  We start central standard time on Sunday.  In other words, we lose one hour of daylight, and gain one hour of darkness.

Chief Meteorologist John Harris