Good morning, everyone!

It will be a chilly start for the High Plains. We are tracking a cold front pushing south this morning. Wind gusts could reach up to 30-35 mph. Due to the front bringing a cool airmass, temperatures will linger in the upper 50s and 60s this Friday afternoon. The cooling trend will continue into the weekend. As we wake up on Saturday morning, temperatures will continue to be chilly in the 30s and 40s. Pockets of drizzle and light rain will be scattered throughout the High Plains tomorrow. Wind chills on Sunday morning are anticipated to be in the teens and low 20s.

Wind chill is a term used to describe the temperature on how it feels on the human skin. The wind chill temperature factors in the surface temp and the wind speed present. As we start the new week, we’re expecting a wintry mix with blustery winds mixed in. Mainly freezing rain will present a few possible snowflakes. We will keep you posted. Have a warm and safe weekend!

Forecaster Mari Ferrel

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