The scattered rain showers and humid conditions from this morning look like they will continue for this afternoon.  Widely scattered thunderstorms will be possible drifting from northwest to southeast.  Any thunderstorm that forms could pulse strong to marginally severe with sudden downburst winds, lightning, flooding rains, and pockets of hail.  Needless to say, stay weather aware if a storm is in your vicinity, and seek shelter in a substantial building.  Also, because of recent flooding, any additional rain will just make things worse.  Remember, if you can’t tell the depth of water on the roadways, turn around and go in the opposite direction.  Additional thunderstorms might be possible late tonight, and early tomorrow morning.  Finally, as we travel into Thursday afternoon, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the chances of rain should diminish considerably.

Regarding temperatures, today will continue humid and nice with highs in the 70’s.  Tomorrow will warm into the low to mid 80’s, while Friday, Saturday, and Sunday look to be in the mid to upper 80’s.

Chief Meteorologist John Harris