FLORIDA (KAMR/KCIT) — Check out these clips of the storms that moved through Florida this week! The first video captures a lightning show in Brandon, Florida that occurred on Aug. 1. The next video was taken from Miramar Beach the very next day, Aug. 2. It is a time-lapse of shelf clouds rolling in from the Gulf of Mexico.

For reference, Shelf clouds are the well-defined wedge-shaped cloud formation that forms along the leading edge of a gust front in a strong thunderstorm. They form as cold air pushes out ahead of a thunderstorm and lifts warm moist air in front of the storm. When the warm air condenses it forms the unique shape of the shelf cloud.

Both of these storms produced heavy rainfall that lead to flash flooding in some areas. Many parts of the nation right now are suffering from flood damage and the loss of homes.

You can donate to the Kentucky flooding victims here.