MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Police, city leaders, and utility crews in Myrtle Beach and the surrounding areas have prepared for Hurricane Florence for the past several days. There are specific photos coming out of the city that are a clear warning that high winds and heavy rain are looming off the coast.

Empty SkyWheel

The gondolas were removed from the wheel earlier this week for safety. It took nearly two days to remove all of the seats.


There’s not much to see in a boarded-up town, anyway. The City of Myrtle Beach enacted a curfew for 7 p.m. each evening through the storm.

Barren Boardwalk

Usually filled with tanned tourists, the Myrtle Beach boardwalk becomes lifeless when a hurricane is brewing off the coast.

Pet Caravan

The Grand Strand Humane Society evacuates all the dogs and cats when a storm is imminent. The animals are typically taken to temporary locations to the north, like New Jersey and Massachusetts.

Boarded Windows

Plywood covers the windows and doors of businesses and homes. It’s not necessarily the wind that causes the damage; it’s what’s being picked up by the wind.

Military-style Vehicles

When flooding is likely, law enforcement officials will bring in heavy-duty military-style vehicles that can maneuver through high water if necessary.


Myrtle Beach isn’t known as a surfer’s paradise. Waves are typically small and pretty uneventful, but with an incoming storm, the surf is a major draw for those trying to catch a wave (even when it’s illegal).

No Water

Ironically, as massive amounts of water move into Myrtle Beach, bottles of water fly off the shelves inside stores. Cleared grocery store shelves are a sure sign of bad weather ahead.

Red Flags

Red flags along the Grand Strand shores mean no swimming. The rough surf days ahead of a hurricane will warrant the flags.


Taking sand directly from the beach is illegal, so Myrtle Beach and the surrounding communities will offer loads of sand to those who want to come fill sandbags in an effort to protect their home.