FORT HOOD, Texas – Command Sergeant Major Arthur “Cliff” Burgoyne said several times Friday afternoon, that as soldiers, it’s their duty to always remember 9/11.

“I think it’s my responsibility as an American to tell the story and remember history and never forget it,” Cliff says.

On Friday afternoon, many soldiers listened to Lieutenant General Robert “Pat” White as he spoke about honoring those who died.

“It’s our responsibility to reach out and find those families, and find those individuals, and make sure they’re okay,” Pat says.

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Major Munday and Burgoyne remembered where they were on that day.

“Just came out of the field, cleaned weapons, and recovered from the field when, on the radio, he came across the first plane. Hit the World Trade Center,” says Major Munday.

“And then that’s when the second plane hit. And we knew then, there, our lives have just changed,” says Burgoyne.

And it did for those soldiers.

“A lot of guard duty was going on. A lot of security of installations. But I think all the soldiers stepped up to the plate and really understood that this… significant this this was at the time,” says Munday.

Reflecting on that day, now, as a Command Sergeant Major, Burgoyne has advice for others.

“So I would tell every soldier out there, don’t wait for the call. Let’s be ready today. Because lives matter.”