9/11 Memorials in Borger & Amarillo honor the fallen

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AMARILLO/BORGER, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) —”There were 343 firefighters that died on that day and we’ve vowed never to forget,” said Dana Havlik, Amarillo Fire Department Training Chief.

Located at Amarillo Fire Department’s Central Station and Station Five are pieces of steel from the World Trade Center that collapsed on 9/11.

“They were requested from the port authority of New York and New Jersey from a program they had that allowed first responder organizations request pieces of the world trade center and so we were able to receive two of these. It’s a piece of history. We did design the stand that the steel sits on to resemble the twin towers, in remembrance as well. It’s a piece of history just to help us to remember to never forget,” said Havlik.

Up the road in Borger, you’ll find another 9/11 memorial located in Huber Park, which is also made from the steel of the World Trade Center.

“The first time I saw it when it came to town in the back of the truck, of course it was tarped. When we took the tarps off and touched it. It actually gave me a cold chill to think of where it came from,” said Borger Fire Department Fire Chief Bob Watson.

Chief Watson says they worked with a local construction company’s engineers in putting it all together with the vision that it would be constructed the same way the World Trade Center towers were.

“They’re sitting on the same angle, the same everything that the actual trade towers were. Then we wanted the bottom to represent the pentagon in the shape of the pentagon. Then we wanted the top to be painted green to represent the fields in Pennsylvania,” said Chief Watson.

Pictures and plaques surround it.

“It kind of tells a story as you go around it and to this day, for me it still hits close to home when I go to the memorial and stop by from time to time. You know just to look it over. If anybody wants to take time, they really need to come and see it because it’s worth the visit,” said Chief Watson.

Havlik says that since the pieces of steel are evidence of a crime, they had to sign releases says they would return the pieces to the port authority if it’s ever further investigated.

Chief Watson says they were initially going to construct a little memorial in the lobby of their station but once they saw the size of the steel they received, they changed it to the memorial that’s there today.

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