Texans celebrate 4th of July in Washington D.C.


Many say Washington DC is the place to be if you want to celebrate Fourth of July and many Texans made their way there.

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Fourth of July, America’s 243rd birthday.

People from all over Texas were in Washington to celebrate the Fourth.

Like any good birthday party people come to have fun!

“The parade and the fireworks. It should be a blast!”

“I believe there is no greater place to come and celebrate America than Washington DC.”

July 4th is always a day for celebration and patriotism, however, the situation at the US-Mexico border is still very present in people’s minds.

And if you walk around the DC parade, you’ll hear all sorts of opinions.

“I believe that we have borders for a reason and they should be respected, and if you wanna come and be a part of us you should do it legally.”

“I get frustrated when I see this as an argument between different sides of the aisle. We need to think of our people, we need to come together and find a way to protect our people but still be humanitarians.”

Despite differences in opinions, these Texans agree that the nation needs to come together.

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