WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR)– President Joe Biden confirmed Monday that a deal to bring home some of the hostages held by Hamas is getting closer.

Deputy National Security Advisor, Jon Finer, said on “NBC’s Meet the Press” that negotiators are working to secure the release of hostages in exchange for more aid into Gaza.

“Some of the outstanding areas of disagreement in a very complicated very sensitive negotiation have been narrowed,” Finer said.

Finer says Israel, the U.S. and Qatar have been negotiating a hostage release for weeks.

Hamas is believed to have taken roughly 240 hostages during its deadly October 7th attack in Israel.

“Hamas is holding the elderly hostage,” IDF Spokesperson, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said.

Over the weekend, Israeli defense officials released new footage they say proves Hamas was using a hospital in Gaza for military activities, including holding hostages, something Hamas still denies.

“The Israel Defense Forces has a moral obligation to bring everyone, every one of our hostages home,” Hagari added.

National Security Council Spokesman, John Kirby, says releasing the hostages would require a temporary ceasefire.

“You have got to make sure you can get from where they are to safety, and do that as safely as possible,” Kirby said.

Kirby wouldn’t give details of the ongoing negotiations but says the President’s priority is ensuring the American hostages return home safely.