WASHINGTON D.C. (KAMR/KCIT) — As inflation is on the rise, grocery stores, farmers markets, and consumers are seeing the prices of food increase.

US Department of Agriculture Economist Jonathan Church said grocery prices right now have been eye-opening.

“What you’re talking about now is increases on a level we haven’t seen in 40 years,” Church said.

The department predicts the prices of meat, fish, eggs and dairy will each increase by a percentage ranging from eight to 20 percent this year.

Grocery store owner Roy Rodman his store is seeing some changes when it comes to purchasing goods.

“We’re seeing some additional charges from overseas and from other United States companies,” Rodman said.

As Rodman walks the isles of his store, he said he is doing everything he can to keep prices as low as possible to keep carts and dinner tables full.

“I think that some people are remembering what prices were before. But we’re doing our best to keep down the inflation or the new prices,” Rodman said.

The National Grocers Association said a perfect storm of the pandemic, supply and demand, inflation and labor issues have led to price hikes. There may be little relief as the nation continues to try to adapt.

Rodman said he sees what inflation is doing to people and how it is affecting them.

“Buy wisely,” he said.