KILLEEN, Texas – Dozens of community members honored the life and service of a local U.S. Navy Veteran Tuesday morning.

Although Richard Leon Humphreys was an unaccompanied veteran, he was not buried without friends in attendance.

“When we see a fallen brother or sister, we take it to heart. Because that’s someone that we might have served with. That’s someone that held the torch before us, or since us. And so, to not give them honors would be a shame,” said Marc George, Unofficial Chaplain for the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery.

Humphreys served in the Navy from June 29, 1970 through October 25, 1972.

“Those of us who have served in combat, we know what’s at stake,” said George, during the ceremony.

Army Veteran Joseph Wachs paid his respects and left Humphreys a white flower bouquet.

“It’s especially dreadful when a veteran is not accompanied by immediate family members. That’s sad. Very sad,” said Wachs. “Red, white and blue. Red blood. White purity. Blue courage. Can’t beat it.”

The ceremony demonstrated that no Texas Veteran will ever be left behind.

“They couldn’t find his family, so today we became his family,” said George. “It’s so amazing to see the public come out and honor someone they haven’t even met.”

Humphreys received military honors. Because no next of kin showed, the Veterans Land Board accepted the U.S. flag on his behalf.