HOUSTON (KVEO) – Alex Bregman initially started his philanthropic organization, Bregman Cares with a focus on helping a cause close to his heart.

“Helping with different resources, helping with education, trying to improve as many lives as we possibly can,” said Bregman. He sought to improve educational resources for kids like his god-son, Brady who is autistic. However, the COVID-19 pandemic altered priorities for Bregman.

“We wanted to shift our efforts a little bit and help as many people in the Houston community as possible that were dealing with the pandemic,” he said.

From COVID-19 to the Texas freeze, where Bregman saw a need, he worked to fill the gap.

“We launched a fundraiser called feed Houston,” he commented. “The community rallied around it, we were able to raise $2 million for people who needed food, for children who were food insecure.”

Regardless of what the cause is for the Bregman Cares organization, the priority is people.

“From the community, we’ve had such touch and amazing responses,” said Reagan Bregman, wife of Alex Bregman.

She has aided the efforts of Bregman Cares over the past year.

“People being thankful for the water distribution or the food, and it makes us just so happy and so excited to continue working on this in the future and hopefully grow and do bigger things.”

Some of those bigger things are already in action, specifically for the people they initially set out to help.

“We have talked with our elected representatives in the state of Texas,” said Alex. “We’re trying to get a few bills passed to help children with autism learn, to help them get their necessary therapies.”

“We’re just trying to make as big of an impact as we possibly can in our community and help as many people as possible.”

Bregman was out with a hamstring injury for much of spring training, so he used part of that time to visit with the Texas House of Representatives to speak on the importance of funding educational needs for autistic children.