AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — In 2017, Jalin Conyers burst onto the high school sports scene as a quarterback at West Texas High. He then transferred to Gruver High School, where he continued to excel in both football and basketball, leading his teams to state championship games.

“I mean I’ve been doing interviews with you (KAMR Sports Director Clint Brakebill) since I was a sophomore in high school so you know it’s it’s definitely cool to have someone that definitely sees what’s happening, so you know, obviously it’s just getting better every day, just trying to fix a little things. You know, today I kind of came in with this game and like knowing I need to do better blocking. Obviously, I was too really talented, the hands-on watch to say, and I think I did pretty well, you know. Obviously, my coach is probably the one who gives you the correct answer, but, you know, I was just working on physicality, and just, you know, I’ve been trying to progress my whole life, man, and just, I’m gonna keep working and I work hard, and you know, for y’all to be able to come out here and come watch, it was super cool,” Conyers said.

After high school, Conyers’ football talents led him to the University of Oklahoma, where he redshirted as a freshman before transferring to Arizona State University. His sophomore year marked a breakout season, during which he achieved remarkable statistics.

“I feel like, you know, not that’s a lot of pressure but just like I want to show everyone that, you know, no matter where you come from, no matter where it is, whether a small town, big town, whatever, that you can still get the job done. So, you know, I try to, you know, to represent well actually write it on my tape all the time. 806 and Gruver. So yeah, I just tried to, you know, I try to keep it with me and just trying to know like, you know, remember where I was at and you know how I grew up and you know, just what’s come to be now,” Conyers added.

Despite a coaching change and challenges with recruiting violations at ASU, Conyers decided to return for his junior year, and he’s been named to the national team of the week multiple times this season. Standing at six-foot-four and weighing 270 pounds, he possesses NFL-sized attributes and is not just a traditional tight end. With wide receiver skill sets, he’s a versatile and dynamic player.

As he approaches the end of his junior year, Jalin Conyers faces a critical decision: whether to enter the NFL draft or return to Arizona State for his senior year. He has two college games left to prove his abilities to NFL scouts. Interestingly, last year, Jalin served as an usher at the NFL honors award show, an eye-opening experience for him.

“I was like, okay, they’re not as big as I thought, like, I’m somewhat their size or something. They’re like stockier, but you know, it just it made me realize how bad I really want to be there and be able to be one of those guys, you know, one of the maybe less than 1% guys to make it to the league. So, you know, my career is kind of, we’re gonna see where it goes, you know, what’s the next level we’re playing another season, but you know, it’s super cool to be able to represent and do what I can, you know, I want to make everyone proud,” Conyers expressed.

Jalin Conyers’ journey is a testament to determination and hard work, and he continues to be a name to watch in the world of football.

Stay tuned for more updates on Jalin Conyers’ journey as we closely follow his progress. 

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