AMARILLO, Texas (KMAR/KCIT) — The West Texas A&M (WT) Buffaloes are set to take on the UT Permian Basin (UTPB) Falcons in their homecoming game around 7 p.m. on Oct. 1 at Bain-Schafer Stadium.

The Buffs look to rising above .500 on the season currently sitting at 2-2, coming off a tough road loss to a conference rival fourth-ranked Angelo State. UTPB also heads into this game with a 2-2 record coming off a late game win against Western Oregon.

Last year when these two teams met it was high scoring battle with UTPB coming out on top with a 31-42 victory. Looking back at that game WT made some costly mistakes including a failed fake punt, and an unsuccessful onside kick that hurt them in that game.

Head coach Hughes in a recent press conference, speaks on how last year was a high-scoring game and how he would approach this one.

“We look at every play of the game to see how they did and what can we do better, they’re a different team and were a different team, said Hughes. “Compare what’s changed from this year to last year, and how they exploited us on offense and defense.”

The biggest difference he sees with this UTPB team is their quarterbacks are different, last year they had a dual threat. This year UTPB plays two quarterbacks one can run, the other can throw but they’ll prepare like both can run. In last year’s game, Hughes said the UTPB quarterback did a good job of controlling the game and scrambling.

Hughes adds that “We’ll prepare like both can run like Mike Vick or Randall Cunningham.”

Coach Hughes said he will also prepare his guys to rise above conflict as he said that “they were taken out of their game” during the last time out against UTPB.

With this being a homecoming week coach Hughes feels that the atmosphere will help them and make it easier to play.

“As players drive through town to see businesses are promoting it, painted windows, and campus activities will all help set the atmosphere, it’s just different if you don’t get excited to play at this place its something wrong with you.”

Coach Hughes adds that their 2-2 record isn’t a good representation of how good the buffs are, they have beat some really good teams and loss to some really good teams.

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