AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Clarendon High School senior quarterback and safety Lyric Smith had a dominating performance in the Bronco’s 58-6 win over Shamrock, earning week ten player of the week.

On defense, Smith had two interceptions and on offense went 7-15, for 223 yards in addition to two touchdowns.

“I think that mainly me performing well is based on practice, the way that practice went that weekend and my team just believed in me and trusted me back there at quarterback,” said Smith.

This season the Broncos are under the leadership of Aaron Wampler. The change in coaching meant new roles for the team. Smith has spent time as a running back, safety, and quarterback.

“It’s been impressive because he started off as is he going to be a quarterback or running back or receiver and didn’t really know where he fit,” said Clarendon Head football coach and athletic director Aaron Wampler. “He did a good job doing whatever is asked of him and stepped into some different roles, had some injuries, and stepped into the quarterback role, and really worked to develop his throwing to match his running. As a running back, he never had an issue there but has really improved his throwing over the last few weeks. I think that’s shown up there.”

For Smith playing both the safety and quarterback position has helped him understand how he can improve in each role.

“When I’m on defense at safety I can use it as a quarterback perspective, to know what not to look at and what to look at,” said Smith. “At quarterback, it helps me read the defense and not throw as many interceptions.”

From a coaching perspective having Smith on the field majority of the game is beneficial for the team.

“I think playing quarterback helps you as far as playing safety as well to kind of understand what concepts are being run and what parts of field somebody is trying to attack and seeing the big picture rather than just getting focused in on one receiver,” said Wampler. “You can see a little bit more what’s going on as a whole. I think he’s kind of starting to figure out how those two complement each other and he is doing as good of a job defensively as he is offensively.

Wampler continued, “When you’ve got a guy like Lyric, you need him on the field as much as you can. He does a good job handling that, I think he likes the pressure and I think he hopefully enjoys being on the field, the vast majority of the game.”

The Broncos have won their last six games, a complete turnaround of how the season started. The teams’ captains had to step up and help everyone understand their new system.

“The kids stayed motivated and really kept pushing,” said Wampler. ‘We knew those first three, were going to be rough. Kind of started to figure out the new offense and kept things rolling and found a way to stay motivated. A lot of that is a testament to our captains and Lyric being one of those and helping steer the ship the right direction and, and kind of keep the engine running.”

For Smith, Coach Wampler coming in has helped him reach new levels this season.

“It’s helped me become a better player, a better person,” said Smith. He’s challenged me to be great in the classroom. Not only that, and in the weight room, he’s gotten me stronger, and faster and helps me get to the goals I want to reach.”

Smith was also selected as team captain, a role that means a lot and pushes him to go all out every day.

“The younger kids and the sophomores, they look up to me,” said Smith. “So, I just help me provide better leadership.

With one game left before playoffs begin, the Broncos are focused on consistency.

“I think it goes for Lyric as well as everybody else, just more consistency,” said Wampler. “There are those times where, you know, maybe a bad play a negative play here. I think you can always be a little more consistent and I think as a team, we’ve gotten a little better at that as the years go on. But he’s taking great strides every week as far as production and efficiency. We’re just hoping that he continues that and stays consistent like he did last week.”

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