AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT)- Bushland Senior quarterback Dawson Jaco earned week eight player of the week. Jaco helped lead the Falcons to a 70-0 win over the River Road Wildcats.

Jaco threw for a total of 250 yards completing 11 of his 13 passes with three touchdowns along with a 44-yard rushing touchdown, all in limited amount playing time.

“Friday night against River Road Dawson played a really good game,” said Bushland Head Football Coach Josh Reynolds. “Offense has been clicking pretty well the last four or five weeks, and he just runs our offense, how we want it to be run, he’s in control. It’s nice to have a guy that you trust out there that is on the same thinking as you are as a coach.”

“He’s looking for the same things and just makes it really nice for our offense to be going well. he’s a quarterback and he’s done a great job of being a leader. Leading by example, being a vocal leader whenever he needs to. He’s just had a really nice season and he’s got a lot of good players around him.”

Jaco has surpassed a thousand yards this season and broke the Bushland single-game touchdown record against El Paso Riverside in week six. Jaco went 19 of 24, with five touchdown passes and ran for three touchdowns, combining for eight.

“I knew I was close to breaking it last year and it was a goal I had for myself to eventually break it because it was held by my brother’s quarterback his senior year,” said Senior Bushland quarterback Dawson Jaco. “Then of course, Taylor Cornelius, they were tied, another great quarterback that went through our program and is playing in the Canadian league right now. You know, it’s just really great to be mentioned, with names like Jared Thomas, and Taylor Cornelius that are, are great in our program.”

The Falcons are 7-1 this season and runs an offense that is difficult to contain.

“We play real fast on offense, and kind of the key with that to be honest with you is we try to make it easy as possible on everybody out there, except for the quarterback,” said Reynolds.” “We ask our quarterback and our offense to communicate a lot, they can communicate with the lineman on the play on the pass, block scheme, whatever it is. He has to be able to communicate a lot and he does it really well.”

Jaco added, “my coaches tell me, you got to slow the play down in your head before you snap it and make sure you know where your eyes are going to go, once you once you snap it. Just be able to play the game through your head before, before it even happens in expecting anything to happen.”

Senior center Rhett Reel has grown up with Jaco and shared he’s an all-around good person to be around on and off the field.

“He’s a great teammate, he’s a team, first guy,” said Reel. “He’s always there to encourage you and he always wants to push you, he’s there for you every day. Honestly, he’s just a great person to be around.”

This season Jaco has focused on being a vocal leader and began building a better connection with the receivers during the offseason.

“It’s been a great year so far,” said Jaco. “I just wanted to over the summer build a better connection with the receivers that I was going to have this year. Of course, some of them are seniors, but some of them we’re going to be underclassmen that we’re going to have to step up into a new role this year. Everybody’s just done a great job to step into their role and, you know, help the team in the best way they can.”

Jaco has also worked on improving his run game this season.

“Something I wanted to do this year was be able to run the ball a little better than I maybe did last year and, you know, give myself and the team bit more chances to score any chance that we can and just run the offense a little more efficiently than maybe I did last year,” said Jaco.

For Jaco playing for Bushland has been an honor and what he’s looked forward to.

“I’ve known nothing other than Bush and I’ve been here my entire life,” said Jaco. “I’ve watched so many teams come through this before me my brother played. He was a senior when I was an eighth grader and I got to be a ball boy and see what that team was like with those coaches. It’s a great tradition that we have going here and it’s just something that I’ve always looked forward to is being a senior and playing for the football team for the Bushland Falcons on Friday night.

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