SUNRAY, Texas (KAMR/KCIT)- The Sunray Bobcats shut out West Texas High School 65-0. Junior quarterback for the Bobcats Armando Lujan completed 18-26 for a total of 337 passing yards, with seven passing touchdowns, 133 yards rushing with two touchdowns on the ground, earning him player of the week.

“We wanted to make sure that we came out fast,” said Wes Boatmun Sunray Head Football coach. In the first two games of the season after halftime, we played our brand of football. But before halftime, we really felt like we had not accomplished that. So these previous two weeks, we’ve been big on that on starting fast.”

Coach Boatmun continued,” We’ve seen that last week against WT in the previous week against Dimmitt. Our offense got started early. Every team wants to score on the first drive, but we were able to move the ball. I don’t think we punted the ball but one time. So, we were pleased, with our production.”

Lujan finished the night with 470 yards of offense, he credits the success to his teammates.

“Our mindset is just trying to stay focused and do what we do while we practice”, said Lujan. “Just have a good chemistry with our receivers and linemen communicate a lot.”

Senior offensive and defensive lineman Luis Calderon shared details about having Lujan lead their team on offense which helps with their overall confidence.

“It feels great knowing I have a playmaker behind me that I could trust even when I mess up”, said Calderon. “I know that he can get out of trouble and make a great play.”

Calderon adds that communication and working to ensure everyone is on the same page has been part of the team’s success and keeping their quarterback safe.

“Communication is a big key,” said Calderon. “We all have to communicate with each other to know we’re on the same page and I mean, we always mess up. There’s going to be mess ups, but we try to do our best to keep him clean, and safe.”

The majority of the Bobcats team has played together since they were young. Lujan however didn’t make the change to quarterback until his freshmen year. A transition that he shared was hard but he has grown into the position.

“He’s just been working to try to improve himself,” said Boatnum. “I think he gets better and better. I don’t know what his ceiling is. But he continues to improve. You know here recently there have been some struggles that he’s had to work through that we haven’t really seen in him before. So I think there’s certainly room for him, you know, to grow.

Coach Boatnum continued, “The thing I like about him is he’s a coachable kid. He’s got he’s got all the tools that he needs. But he’s a very coachable kid, a humble kid. Just like any other kid, he’s going to have some things that he’s got to work through. So being able to be able to help him sort of navigate teenage problems. That’s stuff that we, that we do with all of our athletes.”

The team’s success can also be attributed to their chemistry, something Calderon said can make or break a team.

“I’ve seen great teams have great athletes, but don’t work out because they don’t trust each other, just don’t work good together to get together,” said Calderon. “I think that’s why it works so good. We all grew up together and we’re just barely getting our peak.”

As the season continues Coach Boatnum and Bobcats are looking to mature, have success in the playoffs, and develop as a team.

“We wanted to see a more mature mindset, sort of established among the team,” said Coach Boatnum. ‘We’ve been talking about that quite a bit and we’re having kids buy into, hey, we can’t make these choices anymore. We’ve got to be mature. We’ve got to do a better job about that. We have to have a growth mindset. So hearing these things coming from the kids is reassuring.”

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