AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) —Soccer is quickly gaining steam on the High Plains, and the Amarillo Bombers are helping to drive the growth in popularity.

They’ve been kickin’ it in Amarillo since 2018, with attendance increasing to more than 500 fans per game.

“It’s been awesome,” said Darus Caddell, a defenseman for the Amarillo Bombers. “This is something Amarillo’s been needing, you know, because growing up playing here, you have to go to Dallas or somewhere else every weekend just to play to get good competition and stuff.”

Caddell’s been with the Bombers since their inception and said moving from playing outdoor soccer to an indoor setup was a significant adjustment.

“You’ve got to be ready to get tired. You know, I mean, in reality, especially indoor like we serve every two minutes because it’s so physically demanding you know? The ball will never go out of bounds. So you’re always sprinting outdoor you get a chance to jog and walk and all that good stuff. So it’s, it’s it’s it’s difficult for sure,” he explained.

The field is noticeably smaller than outdoor soccer and makes for a quicker pace in the game and the potential for plenty of points during the 12-game season.

“You’re told that you have to create your, your next move right with your first touch and here with the walls, it gives you a little bit of slack there,” said Abel Olivas, a midfielder for the Amarillo Bombers. “And allows you to use that wall as as your next move. So we were not used to using the walls.”

The Bombers are a member of the M2 Division of the Major Arena Soccer League, with teams coast to coast in North America and Mexico, and players from more than 15 countries.

“We have some hometown guys,” said Tanner Cordova, business manager for the Amarillo Bombers. Five or six people that play are from the hometown, maybe a little bit more. I know for a fact we have four Chihuahuas guys, they played, I believe it’s the savage. The Chihuahua Savages down in Mexico.”

The Bombers are currently 9-2 and have one more game left in the regular season, as they set up for a deep playoff push.

With their eyes set on a strong finish, they’re even more excited for the future of the sport.

“Let’s go bombers!” Caddell said.

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