AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Minor League teams of any sport are not accustomed to normal team names they create interesting names that typically are head-scratchers or knee-slappers. The team names are creative traditionally describing the town or something about the town’s history, in some cases, team names are selected in a name-the-team contest.

According to a article, over 4,000 baseball fans were surveyed to determine this list of the wildest Minor League Baseball clubs. This article will list 12 of the wildest MiLB names as well as the origin of the names provided by Sports Logos. Net, the Minor League Baseball website, and

12 of the wildest Minor League Baseball team names include:

12. Fort Myers Mighty Mussels

(Single-A affiliate of the Minnesota Twins)

Officials with Sports Logos. Net said the Mighty Mussels name was inspired by the sea life and healthy living. Officials said the new team name aims to reflect several aspects of life in the rapidly growing Miami.

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11. Montgomery Biscuits

(Double-A affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays)

According to Sports Logos. Net, the origin of the tastiest looking mascot originates a fan submitting the name as part of a name-the-team contest in 2003 and the team is located in Montgomery, Alabama.

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10. Biloxi Shuckers

(Double-A affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers)

According to the Minor League Baseball website, the Biloxi Shuckers adopted the name of the Shuckers in reference to the city’s oyster industry and seafood heritage.

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9. Hartford Yard Goats

(Double-A affiliate of the Colorado Rockies)

According to a Sports Logos. Net, the name of the Hartford Yard Goats originates from comparing a Yard Goat to a Minor League Baseball player who has to work hard in his minor league city to keep his Major League affiliate on track.

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8. Lansing Lugnuts

(High-A affiliate of the Oakland Athletics)

Sports Logo. Net, detailed that the Lansing Lugnuts name originates from the city of Lansing, Michigan being known as the industrial center and home to Oldsmobile.

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7. Sugar Land Space Cowboys

(Triple-A affiliate of the Houston Astros)

According to the Minor League Baseball website, the Sugar Land Space Cowboy’s, name originates from Sugar Land being a city in Houston Texas and the words Space Cowboy relate to Houston’s being the home of NASA Johnson Space Center and Cowboy in the name relates to Texas.

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6. Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp

(Triple-A affiliate of the Miami Marlins)

According to Minor League Baseball website, the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimps name pays homage to Jacksonville’s identity and heritage as the largest city in Florida with a unique water geography that can deliver jumbo shrimp.

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5. Albuquerque Isotopes

(Triple-A affiliate of the Colorado Rockies)

According to a Mental Floss article the team name was inspired by the baseball team on “The Simpsons,” a cartoon show. In an episode of The Simpsons Homer learns of a devastating plan to move the fictional Springfield Isotopes to Albuquerque N.M.

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4. Akron Rubber Ducks

(Double-A affiliate of the Cleveland Guardians)

According to Sports Logos. Net, the first part of the name originates from Akron being known as the rubber capital of the world. The second part of the name originates from the team’s stadium Canal Park which is built on the Ohio and Erie Canal that is home to a number of ducks that fly, float and swim around the stadium.

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3. Binghamton Rumble Ponies

(Double-A affiliate, the New York Mets)

According to Sports Logos. Net website inspiration for the Rumble Ponies came from a children’s book “The Carousel,” written by Binghamton University Professor Liz Rosenberg. The book was about a carousel of horses that sleep all winter and come to life in the spring.

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2. Amarillo Sod Poodles

(Double-A affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks)

According to the Brandiose website, officials intended to adopt an unusual, family-friendly name. Officials said after visiting Amarillo and researching its history they decided to refer to the prevalence of prairie dogs in West Texas. The Sod Poodles’ name was meant to convey the values of sticking together, being family-oriented, and being self-sufficient.

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1. Rocket City Trash Pandas

(Double-A affiliate of the Los Angeles Angels)

According to team officials said the Rocket City Trash Panda is located in Huntsville Alabama, the name is a reference to both the area’s relation with the space industry and the determination and ingenuity of raccoons which are native to the Huntsville area. The logo displays a raccoon in the trash, a trash panda is a nickname for a raccoon in Huntsville due to their facial resemblance to the panda and their tendency to dig through the trash.

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