YouTube recommending self-harm videos to children


According to the British Telegraph, Youtube has been recommending videos with disturbing content to young users.

They report the site has been recommending dozens of videos with images of self-harm to kids as young as 13.

The British Telegraph says roughly a dozen videos with this content are available on YouTube even though the site bans videos that show self-harm and suicide.

There’s currently a move in the UK to ban social media platforms that fail to remove self-harm related content according to the British Health Secretary.

In America, a YouTube spokesperson told Fox News that people use the site to find advice and support adding that they work to ensure the platform is not used to quote: “encourage dangerous behavior,” and that they have quote: “strict policies that prohibit videos which promote self-harm.”

YouTube says they will remove flagged videos that violate that policy.

The National Suicide Prevention phone number pops up when the term “suicide” is searched for on YouTube.

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