CANYON, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — The Nov. 7 Texas Special and Constitutional Amendment Election is just over a month away, with more than a dozen statewide propositions on the ballot.

Randall County Elections Administrator Shannon Lackey said because there are constitutional amendments for voters to decide on, this election ballot is long.

“There are 14 propositions on this ballot and a lot of them are quite wordy, and so therefore, I would encourage everyone to study a sample ballot or get a voters guide,” Lackey said. “These are actual changes to the state of Texas Constitution as we know it. So there are several issues on this ballot, that will affect every person in this state. So it is extremely important to get out and vote in this election.”

Lackey said voters should remember that election workers are now allowed to explain amendments at the polls by state law.

“So again, one more reason why it’s very, very important to read over them. You can actually print off a sample ballot and mark it so you have a cheat sheet, per se, to take in with you. You can take a League of Women Voters guide in with you. You can make your own note and take that into the actual voting booth with you,” Lackey continued. “Educate yourself before you walk into the polling place. It’ll save you time and frustration.”

She also noted that Canyon ISD and Happy ISD are also holding special elections, saying, “Their proposition will be the last thing on the ballot if you live in those school districts.”

Lackey said according to Texas state law, voters must be registered 30 days before the election, but the state has extended it for this election.

“For this particular election that falls on a Saturday, state law also says if it falls on a weekend, then it rolls over to the following Monday. Well, this Monday just happens to be Columbus Day and there’s going to be a lot of businesses and offices that will be closed,” she added. “So the state has extended it until October 10th.”

She also reminds Texas voters, they do not need to re-register to vote in every election.

“The only voters that need to check into their status are people that have moved maybe into a different county, or gotten married or moved here from a different state, it is time to register to vote.”

Check your registration status at or by calling your local elections administration office.

Click here for more information from the Texas Secretary of State’s office and to see sample ballots.

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