AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — A candidate for Amarillo City Council Place 4 said he is going to request a recount.

Place 4 candidate Richard Herman told he plans to request a recount, so we looked into what that process looks like.

According to the Secretary of State’s office, any candidate for a race can ask for a recount.

But only in certain situations:

  • One of those being the difference in the race being less than 10% of the winning candidate’s total votes. The total number of votes cast is under 1000.
  • An election judge swears that paper ballots were counted incorrectly or if the recount is requested of an electronic system.

The Place 4 race only falls under the electronic voting system situation.

The Secretary of State’s website said that candidates seeking a recount have three days after the election to ask for a recount and that there is a $100 deposit per precincts requested for electronic recounts and $65 per precinct for paper ballots.

Potter County said they 22-precincts for city races and all of them use paper and electronic ballots. Randall County said they have 16-precincts for that vote in city elections.

The Secretary of State’s website said that in this case, that Mayor Ginger Nelson will oversee the recount unless she is unable to, in that case, it will be the City Secretary.