AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Multiple new pieces of election law throughout the state of Texas are expected to impact how individuals can vote in the upcoming primary election.

According to previous reports by, this includes Texas Senate Bill 1111, a law that helps ensure that individuals are registering to vote at their place of residence. However, changes are also coming to individuals who vote by mail.

According to information from the Potter County Election Administration’s office, individuals filling out an application for voting by mail will see the following changes because of state law:

  • Voters who are expecting a baby within three weeks before or after Election Day are now able to vote by mail if they apply;
  • Staff with the election administration’s office have to hear from the voter requesting the application to vote by mail. Individuals cannot request applications for others;
  • The election administration’s office is not allow to prefill a voter’s application. Individuals are asked to print legibly and fill out the application completely;
  • Individuals must include their Texas Driver License number, Personal Identification number or last four digits of their Social Security Number on their application. An office, as well as the Early Voting Ballot Board, must be able to confirm that the number provided belongs to the registered voter in our system. They are also asked to include the information on the carrier envelope whent hey return their ballot in order for the vote to count;
  • People who assist individuals with the application are required to complete the assistant section for the ballot to count.

Because of the new state laws, a number of mail-in ballot applications have been rejected in both Potter and Randall counties. Officials expect approximately 10% are being rejected in Potter County, while 32 applications out of 570 have been rejected in Randall County.

“Fill out all documents completely,” officials with the Potter County Election Administration’s office said. “The application and other forms are different because they reflect changes in the law that matter in order for a vote to count. The last day to apply to vote by mail is February 18.”

For more information about the mail-in ballot process in the area, visit the Potter County Election Administration office’s website or the Randall County Election Administration office’s website.