AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — On Tuesday, had the chance to talk with Texas State Representative Four Price about what he plans to bring in the new term.

Price, a republican, was reported as receiving 87% of the vote, according to the Texas Secretary of State Office, facing Libertarian Nick Hearn who was reported as receiving 12% of the vote.

“I will continue the hard work to represent the Panhandle, especially in areas that make an impact in our region,” Price said, “rural health care water resource development the protection of energy and our agricultural business industries, rural economic development and I am looking forward to being able to do that.”

A few of the legislative measures he has made in past terms include increasing access to telehealth and telemedicine across the state, providing mental health resources and education in public schools, improving the nexus between mental health and the criminal justice system and strengthening laws against synthetic drugs.

Price has been serving in the Texas House of Representatives. He said that he appreciates the support that he continues to get from the community.

“I’m deeply appreciative of the support, the feedback I’m receiving from the voters in the district. And I will continue the hard work to represent the Panhandle,” he said, “especially in areas that make a difference to our region, rural health care, water resource development, the protection of our energy and agricultural business industries.”

Price spoke about the bills he passed in previous terms and what they have done for the community that he serves.

“We face a lot of challenges in the Panhandle. It’s not unique to our area, but we definitely need some resource allocation to help fight some of the problems that exist up here,” Price said. “So, for instance, session, I passed a bill that I joined authored to extend broadband service and connectivity throughout rural Texas. Certainly, that will affect all of us. And it will help not only with educational opportunities, but commerce and health care and job training. So, issues that are unique to our area always have a high priority and my legislative agenda.”

Representative Price added that being from the Panhandle prioritizes the goal of bringing in more income and tourism into the area.

“Well, the High Plains have a lot to offer. Obviously, we’re in a great location in the state, we often say this is the real Texas, we’ve got plenty of things to show tourists from not only other parts of our great state, but the entire country,” Price said. “And so, I always want to make sure that not only do we pay attention to the great resources that we have to offer in terms of tourism, but that’s an economic development and, you know, dollar generator. So, I always want to pay attention to that at the legislative level and help any way I can.”

Price is now in his seventh term as State Representative, he talked about why he wants to continue being that voice for the community in Austin.

“Well, I’m passionate about protecting the values of the Panhandle and the great things that we have to offer,” Price said. “I know we’re 505 miles away from Austin, Texas right here where I’m sitting and that’s a long way from the state capitol. So, it’s important to have a good day Get for the issues that are important to this area that are unique to the Panhandle. That’s something I’m very familiar with. And it motivates me to go back because a good representation down there.”