AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Texas Gov. Greg Abbott will be in Amarillo Thursday evening, participating in the Parent Empowerment Coalition’s Parent Empowerment Night at San Jacinto Christian Academy.

According to an announcement from the coalition, the Parent Empowerment Night will be hosted at 6 p.m. Thursday at San Jacinto Christian Academy, located at 501 S. Carolina in Amarillo.

The coalition has hosted Parent Empowerment Nights throughout the state, including in locations like Temple, Conroe and Corsicana. According to a news release from Abbott’s office about his recent Corsicana visit, officials said that Abbott spoke about expanding school choice options throughout the state and stressing that “parents deserve access to school curriculum, school libraries and what is being taught in the classroom.”

According to previous reports by, the Texas Board of Education took a neutral stance surrounding school choice in early February. Those opposed to these school choice initiatives, including Raise Your Hand Texas, a nonprofit organization, are concerned that the state will take funding away from public education. Raise Your Hand Texas states on its website that they believe vouchers could “divert scarce public education funds to private schools, which are not required to comply with federal protections for students with disabilities or report and track spending and student performance.”

During Amarillo’s event, the announcement read that the coalition will highlight San Jacinto Christian Academy and discuss “the growing need and desire for parent empowerment.”

“Parent empowerment is built on the foundational principles of transparency, quality, respect and choice, and we’re bringing together the community to focus on this vital need in our education system,” the announcement read.

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