AUSTIN (KXAN) — The 88th legislative session has been a busy five months. The Texas Senate and House of Representatives filed more than 8,000 bills and 11,700 resolutions.

As the session ends, only 1,222 bills (15.2%) and 4,028 resolutions (34.3%) passed.

Final Steps of the Session

May 24 was the last day for both chambers to consider bills passed by their counterparts.

A bill passed in one chamber can change, whether through amendments or committee substitutions, as it moves through the other. In order for a bill to advance to the governor’s desk, the chamber that originally filed the bill has to approve those changes; if they don’t, a conference committee is formed for further debate on it.

Sunday was the last day for the chambers to vote on to concur with such changes or ones made by a conference committee.

Monday is the last day of the session (Sine Die), but only corrections to passed bills are permitted.

Now that time is up, which bills moved on to Gov. Greg Abbott’s desk for him to potentially sign into law?

Bills on the way

As of Sunday night, 866 bills have been sent from the Legislature to the governor:

HB 2127, approved by the Senate, strips Texas cities of the authority to establish local ordinances related to the State’s agriculture, finance, insurance, labor, natural resources and occupation codes. This would mean municipal governments would only have a chance every two years to submit desired changes through the state legislative process.

SB 14, a ban on transition-related health care for minors, advanced to the governor on May 19. Abbott said in a May 18 interview with Fox News that he will sign the bill.

Here are some of the other bills heading to the governor:

Bills already signed

As of Sunday night, Abbott has signed 244 bills.

Abbott has vetoed two bills so far; SB 1615, which would have entered Texas into an interstate compact for cosmetology licensure, and HB 279, which he said was “largely duplicative” of a Senate bill that he signed.

Here are some of the bills signed into law:

A list of bills signed by the governor as of Sunday afternoon is below:

Most of the bills signed by Abbott will go into effect Sept. 1.

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