WASHINGTON (KAMR/KCIT) – As announced by his office, US Senator John Cornyn of Texas gave remarks Thursday regarding his trip to Uvalde, Texas, in the wake of the fatal mass shooting at Robb Elementary School.

Cornyn’s office included specific excerpts from his remarks in the release.

“Today is supposed to be the last day of school in Uvalde, Texas,” Cornyn said among his remarks, “Today those children, those parents, and those teachers in Uvalde, Texas, have been robbed of the excitement and normalcy that this day would normally bring. Instead of celebrating the last day of school, 21 families are making funeral arrangements.”

Cornyn also noted that he donated blood and received an update from state and local leaders in the area, and thanked the first responders who addressed the shooting “and continue to support the survivors and their loved ones.”

After noting how community outreach has continued in response to the shooting, Cornyn addressed what he called the “obvious question” of preventing future incidents.

“At this point, law enforcement is still investigating and piecing together the full story. In the coming days I expect we will have better information about the shooter and his background and the circumstances that led to this senseless, brutal act,” said Cornyn, “Once it does, I’m eager to see whether there were any gaps that might have done something to make this attack less likely, that might have even prevented this attack from taking place.”

Cornyn continued on to note his past in working to “prevent senseless tragedies” through acts such as the Fix NICS Act and the Mental Health and Safe Communities Act. However, he insisted he was “not interested in making a political statement.”

“Now, we don’t know everything we need to know,” said Cornyn, “but once we do, I expect there will be informed debate about reforms we can make and I look forward to participating in those discussions.”

Cornyn’s full remarks have been included in this article.