AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Voter registration across Potter and Randall counties has increased ahead of November’s general election.

According to the Potter County Elections Commission Office, there are 4,584 new voters. Randall county has also experienced an increase in registered voters, in 2018 it had 87,600 voters and now it has 95,636 voters.

Increased voter registration can be attributed to various factors that are encouraging new voter registration.

“There are a couple of things that usually drive increases in registration and turnout,” said Sonya Letson President of the League of Women Voters in Amarillo. “One is when there are hotly contested races for a certain office, for example, the race for governor in Texas has gotten a lot of publicity. So that kind of thing can drive in increases in registration. Another are events or issues such as the decisions that have come from the Supreme Court this year, or events that have happened in our country. Those kinds of things also drive an increase in registration and turnout.”

With every new voter the elections commission office is required to verify that the person is eligible to vote.

“We have a lot of new registrations coming in and we always have to check them,” said Melynn Huntley, Potter County Elections Administrator. “They go through live check procedures, so that we make sure that these are real people, that they these people do exist and so we have to tie it back to their social security number or their Texas driver’s license or a number that validates it.”

Leading up to the voter registration deadline the League of Women’s Voters focused on registering high school seniors while continuing to reach out to different parts of the community to increase voter registration.

The general election is on Nov. 8 but voters are strongly encouraged to vote early.

Huntley continued, “early voting begins on October the 24th and it will run for 12 days we’ll even have Saturday and Sunday voting. So those are those 12 days that are so important and such a better time to vote for a lot of people then the last 12 hours. If you wait to the last minute, you don’t know what the weather’s going to be like and you don’t know what may come up that day. Vote early”

For voters planning to vote by mail you must apply by Oct. 28 and your ballot must be received by election day or no later than the day after at 5 p.m., however, your mail-in ballot must be postmarked no later than Nov. 8.