Major changes are on the way when it comes to how you vote. This November will be the last election in Texas where straight ticket voting will be allowed. 

If you are a straight ticket voter, that section of the ballot will be no more next election season. 

“Two years ago, when the legislature met, they decided that in the year 2020, they will no longer have straight party voting,” said Melynn Huntley, Potter County Elections Administrator.

House Bill 25 passed in 2017 eliminating the measure. 

“That’s when you can go in and you can just say, I want to vote for every one in this one party. And after this particular election, you will not have that option, you’ll have to hand select every race,” said Huntley. 

She said she does not know if this will be a positive or negative adjustment for the respective political parties, but a majority of the people we spoke with say it’s positive.

“I think that voting straight-ticket has been more of a convenience in the past and maybe people haven’t done as much candidate research as they should have done,” said Liz Larson, who is for the change.

“And it will also eliminate the problem of open spots in which both parties do not have a candidate running,” said Linda Burnett, who is for the change.

“I like to pick and choose so I don’t have a problem with that change,” said Linda Allen, who is for the change.

With more time to contemplate your choice for the best candidate, two scenarios could play out on the polls.

“It will take a little bit longer to vote in 2020, so we’ll have more machines out as a result. Also think that we could have voting attrition where somebody will say, “oh I know the candidates” and this race and this race and this race and I don’t know who any of these other people are. But, it all remains to be seen,” said Huntley.

Early voting starts October 22 and ends November 2.

Huntley said most people don’t know about the change and may be surprised to find out when they go vote in the presidential election in 2020. 

For this upcoming season, election day is November 6.