AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — The Amarillo City Council announced the completion of the first comprehensive citizens survey.

The city council partnered with ETC Institute to conduct the surveys. ETC Institute is a market research and survey company that conducts surveys for organizations throughout the nation.

“What we were looking to do is survey our population on a variety of city services, and also wanting to hear what are the priorities of our citizens, said Laura Storrs, Assistant City Manager and Amarillo City CFO.” “Since this was our very first year to do this comprehensive survey, this establishes a benchmark for us that we can learn from that we can help shape resources towards, and then do this again in the future to look back and see if we’ve made any progress in those areas.”

Over a thousand citizens were surveyed with responses from each zip code to represent the overall population properly.

The survey found that citizens were pleased in four main areas and ranked higher than other cities across the state.

“A few things that we heard from the survey, we’re doing very well in comparison to others in the state and in the nation, when it comes to our public safety efforts, said Storrs.” “So there’s a sense of safety in our community that our citizens, what we heard is they do feel like our fire and our police services are performing very well response times are good.”

The survey said citizens also reported satisfaction with library services, city employees providing quality customer service back to the community and citizens saying Amarillo is a great place to live.

The survey also allowed participants to share what areas they believed the city needs to improve on and improve throughout the city.

Storrs continued, “we did hear from our citizens on things that they either have concerns about or they want to see improvements on the top three things that we heard, the first one was the condition of our city streets, and our city sidewalks.”

In addition to streets and side walks needing improvements, citizens would also like to see improvements to the flow of traffic in the community.

“There is a lot of road construction going on out there as we try to improve the streets, there’s a lot of road construction, and it can impede the overall flow of traffic. So those things can kind of go hand in hand, stated Storrs.”

The third improvement citizens would like to see is effective communication with them. Survey participants reported receiving the majority of information and updates surrounding the city council from the news.

The city council plans to put more information on the city’s website and social media accounts and continue sharing information with the news. In an effort to keep citizens up to date with what is happening in the city, know where their property tax dollars are going and see the progress being made.

According to Storrs, the city plans on conducting another survey in 18 months. From there, the city anticipates surveys will be conducted every two years to monitor progress and address new concerns and priorities that citizens may have.