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AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) – All four candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives in District 13 continue to prepare for the big day in their own variety of ways.

Each of the four candidates for District 13 of the House of Representatives continues as they prepare for tomorrow’s primary election.

For Republican candidates, Josh Winegarner and Dr. Ronny Jackson, their campaigns continue to run at full steam.

Josh Winegarner, a 13th district US House of Representatives Republican Primary Candidate said, “We have been non-stop over the weekend. We have been running fast to the finish line. ready for tomorrow so we can see the results.”

The other US House of Representatives Republican Primary Candidate,  Ronny Jackson, talked about what his more recent schedule consisted of, “Busy day today, we have been doing radio and tv all day long. you know we have a Tele-town Hall this evening with President Trump this evening at six o’clock, so I am pretty excited about that,” said Jackson. 

In the Democratic Primary, Gus Trujillo and Greg Sagan are differing on their approaches to the big day.

Greg Sagan, one of the two 13th District US House of Representatives Democratic Primary Candidates said, “I’m with my wife right now, she was my campaign manager, now she is basically taking care of my health needs. But what we are doing is taking the day off.”

Gus Trujillo, the other Democratic Primary Candidate, is hoping to have his supporters back him tomorrow, “It is definitely something to worried about, I guess we are worried about turn out because a lot of people think I was the democratic nominee, which I was for a little bit, but then my opponent got back into the race. We are just really wanting people to show up to the polls tomorrow.”

All four candidates also spoke about what makes them different from their opponent.

Winegarner said, “I just want everyone to know I am local, but I also have the experience, experience that I want to put to work for the people of this district.”

His Opponent, Jackson said,  “You know I have been a leader in the Navy, you know I am a retired Navy War Admiral. So really this race boils down to a leader versus a lobbyist.”

On the Democratic side, Sagan opened up about his knowledge on economics, ” I am not just another guy at the donut shop when it comes to economics. What we are facing right now is an overarching economic issue that affects the entire country.”

His Democratic opponent, Trujillo said, “One of the things that really helps is I interned for Congressman Thornberry, who is retiring and I am looking to fill that spot so I know a thing or two about being at the Capital.”

Polls open tomorrow morning at 7 a.m., and they will close at 7 in the evening.

If you are in line when the poll is supposed to close, you are legally allowed to still cast your vote, but you do have to be in line.

There are ten polling locations in Potter County, and there are seven in Randall County.

The  big change for this election for Randall County residents is that the Region 16 building on Hillside and Bell will not be open as a polling location.

To see where you can cast your ballot on election day, click here.

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