AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Officials with the city of Amarillo’s city secretary’s office provided with the official petition surrounding the repeal of the Civic Center funding ordinance, which passed on a 4-1 vote during a late May City Council meeting.

According to previous reports by, a group of 12 Amarillo citizens came together to sign an initial petition, aimed at overturning Ordinance No. 7985, which initially approved the issuance of $260 million in tax notes to fund the expansion and renovation to the Amarillo Civic Center Complex. The goal of the petition, filed under section 23 of article two of the Amarillo City Charter, is to repeal the ordinance and bring the measure back to the voters during an election.

According to the documents provided to on Friday, the following Amarillo residents signed the initial petition, delivered to the city secretary on Wednesday:

  • Jerry Hodge;
  • Cole Stanley;
  • Jana May;
  • Timothy Revell;
  • Diana Walling;
  • Christina Paullus;
  • Clarence Thomas Warren II;
  • Daniel Rogers;
  • Don Tipps;
  • Rose Giles;
  • Keith Bjork;
  • Timothy Gassaway.

According to previous reports by, Stanley, Revell and Rogers previously confirmed to that they had signed the petition.

Blank Signature Sheet for the Petition surrounding Ordinance 7985. Provided by the city of Amarillo.

According to previous reports, community members have 120 days to collect signatures from “not less than five percent of the registered voters within the City of Amarillo.” If the signatures are collected in that time, the city of Amarillo has 21 days to verify the signatures.

If the city completes and approves the verification process, the City Council will then consider the measure proposed by the petition through a public hearing. After that public hearing, the council has 30 days to take final action, according to previous reports. In this case, if the council refuses to repeal the ordinance, the organizers of the petition have a right to call an election on the matter.

Officials with the city of Amarillo’s communications team previously told that the city has no comment on this matter.