AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — The City of Amarillo provided information on ways to donate to Amarillo’s sister city in Dnipro, Ukraine after missiles struck Dnipro over the weekend.

The Associated Press reported that the attack on Dnipro, which impacted a residential neighborhood, was one of the deadliest attacks on Ukrainian civilians since before the summer. The attack destroyed an apartment building that housed around 1,700 people. According to regional authorities on Monday, at least 40 people were killed and 30 people remained missing.

The Amarillo City Council approved a sister city agreement with the city of Dnipro in Ukraine to establish a relationship by providing aid to the city in December, as noted in previous reporting.

The city detailed that Kind House Ukraine Bakery in Amarillo is accepting donations for the sister city to assist the victims of the missile attacks.

You can donate online to Amarillo’s sister city in Ukraine here.