AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — The Amarillo Independent School District School Board is looking at the next steps on how to move forward when it comes to repairs and renovations at Austin Middle School after “Proposition A” failed in May.

One of those solutions going under consideration is a shoring project. Shoring refers to the process of supporting a structure or building temporarily with props.

Monday, the school board heard a presentation from Corgan and Supportworks, Inc on their SmartJack System.

AISD School Board President Kimberly Anderson said this SmartJack System will help support the foundation and buy the board a few more years as they consider all options for a permanent solution going forward.

Anderson added the board engaged in the idea of shoring before Prop A, just to make the building secure and safe for students moving forward.

The original shoring if Prop A passed would have been for three years in the most critical spots covering 5,000 square feet, but with Prop A failing the shoring could last up to ten years covering 37,000 square feet.

Anderson said that the guaranteed max price that the board approved for the 5,000 square foot area for just over $300,000.

Anderson added once the situation of the foundation is addressed, the next steps are wide-ranging.

“The next considerations are enrollment projections and seeing what is going to be the best option for the district, and that is still pretty broad. We haven’t nailed down the exact course of action yet, we are still looking at all of the options to see what we can afford and how we can fund it, and then what is going to be the best option moving forward for the district,” said Anderson.

The AISD school board said that last September or October, they noticed some damage underneath the foundation of Austin Middle School, and the Facilities Committee recommended replacing it.

Anderson added that Austin Middle School is unique as it is a pier and beam foundation unlike other schools in the district, which has caused the foundation to deteriorate over time.

Officials from Corgan and Supportworks, Inc said that the SmartJack System will support existing trusses under the building, and if the truss has deteriorated, then the jack will support the foundation. They added all areas that are shored will be safe and there will be annual inspections.

No vote was made by the school board to go with the shoring project, as this was just an informational presentation.