Your Breakfast Menu Should Now Include Pizza


Fruit loops, or your pizza parlor slice?

The answer could change morning routines for your kids before school.

Some cereals could be “magically delicious,” but, a new york nutritionist says pizza is a more nutritional way for kids to start the day.

Chelsey Amer says a slice of pizza contains more fat, but, less sugar than most cold cereals.

And, an average slice of pizza and a bowl of milk contain about the same amount of calories.

Pizza slices also contain more protein than cold cereals, which means it will hold your appetite down, and you won’t be coming off a “sugar high” from sugary cereals.

A cup of raisin bran has eighteen grams of sugar, close to the limit of twenty-five grams a day recommended for women.

Amer notes she’s not advocating pizza as a breakfast staple, pointing out pizza’s just a better option than most cold cereals.

A better nutritional option than either?

Greek yogurt with fruit for calcium and protein, or oatmeal with cinnamon and fruit to give you fiber and antioxidants.

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