Young women smokers at higher risk of having deadly heart attack


Smoking can lead to a heart attack despite your age and gender but a new study shows that young women are particularly at risk of having a deadly heart attack by smoking

A new study reveals the dangers of lighting up that cigarette, especially if you’re a young woman.

The study took a closer look at three-thousand men and women who were hospitalized with what’s known as acute s-t segment elevation myocardial infarction — or “stemi” — a serious type of heart attack.

Researchers say the risk of a fatal heart attack due to smoking was thirteen times higher for women ages 18 to 49 versus women and men of the same age group who didn’t smoke at all.

However, researchers discovered that women in the study group who quit smoking for a month lowered their risk of a fatal heart attack to levels seen in a typical nonsmoker.

Study authors reiterated that despite age and gender, smoking can increase anyone’s likelihood of having a heart attack results of the study can be found in the journal of the American College of Cardiology. 

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