WT Speech and Hearing Clinic Helping Others Communicate


Patients recovering from a stroke, fighting Parkinson’s or those with dementia and Alzheimer’s can find help in downtown Amarillo.

Every Wednesday a group of adults having problems communicating after a stroke meet at WTAMU’s Speech And Hearing Clinic.

“They are excited to be here, they know they aren’t going to be judged, they know even if they make a mistake, someone is going to be there to facilitate that communicative opportunity, even in this group, humor goes a long way,” said Traci Fredman, a academic and clinical instructor at the clinic.

Linda Hotz’s husband, Jim had a stroke in 2015 since then he has had trouble communicating.
Once joining the Aphasia group, that changed.

“He has made tremendous progress, he really has,” said Hotz.

The classes are run by graduate students from WT’s Communication Disorders Program along with speech pathologists.

For Josie Price, it is hard work but is rewarding.

“It is a lot of work on their part and our part, but to see them succeed is worth every second. It is so rewarding and so gratifying that what you do in our little clinical room is making a difference in their whole world,” said Price, a graduate student in WTAMU’s Communication Disorders Program.

Hotz says having the ability to make friends dealing with the same situation also makes things easier.

“It is a social outing for them, they feel comfortable with each other because they are all in similar situations, the clinicians and the supervisors are just wonderful and we are so fortunate to have this facility and this program in our area.”

The Speech and Hearing Clinic also has classes focusing on helping Parkinson’s patients who have decreased vocal intensity and a Dementia support group.

Here are details from WTAMU Speech and Hearing Clinic about what they offer: 

  • Our Aphasia Group is for adults who have difficulty communicating after they have a stroke.  The goal of the group is to provide conversation groups that focus on real-life goals of persons with aphasia after discharge from traditional therapy.  The Aphasia Group meets on Wednesdays from 9:00-10:30. 
  • Our LOUD Crowd is for adults who have Parkinson’s disease and have completed the Speak OUT! program.  The WTAMU Speech and Hearing Clinic offers Speak OUT! courses for persons who have decreased vocal intensity due to Parkinson’s disease.  When a person graduates from Speak OUT!, then he/she is eligible to be a member of our LOUD Crowd. LOUD Crowd meets on Mondays from 1:00-2:00.
  • Our Dementia Support Group is for caregivers of persons with dementia.  Loved ones of persons with dementia meet to provide social and emotional support to each other.  If the person with dementia is able to attend, he/she concurrently participates in a social group with other persons with dementia.  The Dementia Support Group and social groups meet on Wednesdays from 1:00-2:30.

For a link to everything they can help with at the clinic, click here.

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