A father son roller coaster ride at Wonderland park takes an unexpected turn.

It happened when the father says the seatbelt in one-of the ride’s cars comes undone.
Delbert Latham says he and his son Kaysen were on their second round of the “Mousetrap” when their seatbelt came apart.
And it was all caught on his camera.
Latham says his son had no injuries but that didn’t stop him from posting his video and sharing his experience on Facebook where it went viral.
He says he’s not looking for money, attorneys, or a lawsuit, he wants Wonderland reps to take some serious safety measures.   
“My opinion is instead of the little plastic latches that they have they need to use some like metal seatbelts that you would see in a car,” said Latham.
We reached out to Wonderland authorities by phone but they did not return our call. 
They did issue a statement: 
“This particular ride was originally built without seatbelts, but wonderland later added belts as an extra safety measure.”
Latham had this to say about how the incident was handled:
“I guess I would have felt better had Wonderland reached out more rather than just saying there safety is a priority and actual told me some of the steps they’re willing to take and what actions they’re going to put into place versus telling me they’re sorry and they want to send me some passes, I’d be better off to know that they’ve taken some serious steps to make things safer out there.”
According to the Texas Department of Insurance Amusement Ride Injury Report, this isn’t the first time the Mousetrap has had issues.
In 2014 four people had stomach, knee, back and ankle injuries from the ride.
Latham says he’s been going to Wonderland for a while but since last week’s incident he and his family won’t be coming back.
He also says he didn’t expect the video to go viral. 
Currently it’s been shared almost 4,000 times and he says it has more than a 100,000 views.