An Amarillo woman is found dead in her Potter County home more than 20 years ago.

Now, her case is being looked at by new eyes.

Jackie Hogue was just 40-years-old when she was found dead in her Bishop Hills home in 1994.

“At approximately 11:30 her mother had gone to the house because she had not shown up to a lunch appointment, and when she arrived, that’s when she found her daughter,” said Sgt. Steve White, with the Potter County Sheriff’s Office.

The Potter County Criminal Investigations Division recently took over the investigation.

Amarillo Police Department’s Special Crimes Unit had been investigating but because it is a Potter County case, they began looking back into it.

“At this point, we are just putting fresh eyes, bringing back these things that happened over the years but in all fairness, we’ve had other investigators as recently as two years ago reach out to the family, asking for additional information,” said White.

White says he has spoken with Hogue’s family since taking over.

“They are wanting closure, I mean, this was a horrific crime. If you can imagine your mother passing away, at the young age of 40, she would be 63 years old today,” said White.

Even after 23 years, White tells us they will work to get Jackie justice.

“This is a homicide that is still ongoing, we still haven’t the person that did this and we want to get it solved and I’m sure the family does too,” said White.

If you have any information about Hogue’s murder, you are asked to contact the Potter County Sheriff’s Office at 379-2900.

Ask for the Criminal Investigation Division.