We’re about two months away from the first day of winter, but our meteorologists say, we could see our first snowfall in the next couple of weeks. 
But a weak La Nina could mean a more mild winter for our area. 

We all know winter is coming. 

But if you’re not a fan of the cold, there’s some good news ahead.

It’s not going to be that bad.

“So what we’re expecting with La Nina in general across the High Plains means drier weather. So not nearly as much snow as we would see during an average year. Warmer daytime temperatures” said Chris Martin, Meteorologist.  

He says our highs would be a little warmer than average. With possible cooler morning temperatures during the season. But don’t get too comfortable.

“But it doesn’t mean we won’t have a couple of really bad cold fronts similar last year. Have some arctic intrusions. So we’ll probably have some cold times in there,” said Michael Gittinger, Acting Meteorologist in Charge at the Amarillo National Weather Service.  

Chris says we could see cold spells where we could get down to zero or below zero in temperature. But with the good also comes the bad. We all remember how the Panhandle was riddled with countless wildfires in the spring. 

There could be a repeat of those events next year.

“We could be looking at another potential bad wildfire season as we got into the late winter into the early part of the spring. So that could be the biggest story that comes out of this in the end,” said Gittinger.

He says the worst part of that season tends to be in February, March and early April.

Here’s the reason for our potential bad wildfire season. 

We just had a lot of rainfall in the past few months and Gittinger says, similar to last year, it means we’ve loaded up on a lot of grass fuels. He says once those freeze over the next month and you include our windy and dry days, it could be a bad mix.

Gittinger tells us during the winter, the precipitation is expected to be below normal as well. 

And although there are no blizzards in the forecast this season, Chris says we’re due for one.