Where Are They Now?: Amarillo’s First and Only Set of Quintuplets 17 Years Later


It’s been nearly a decade since we caught up with Amarillo’s first and so far only set of quintuplets.
And during that time, like most families, there have been a few changes for the Williams.
When we first met the Williams Quints, they didn’t have much to say.

But a lot has changed since 2001.

The Williams bunch has grown in more ways than one, which now includes grandbabies, other siblings, and a bevy of pets.

Even though she wasn’t there in the beginning, she’s all in now.

The quints call her “Sharon” and leave the title of mom for Leah.

“When they got to the point that you know they got rid of bottles, that was a quick turning point. When they could actually sit and spoon feed or fork feed themselves, that was another point. Now they’re almost all out of high school, that will be another big turning point too,” said Leah Williams, Quintuplets Mom. 

The family has adjusted over the years and now it’s all about these teens and their kinetic lives. 

“They’re pretty much on their own now, do their own things. Some of them are driving, some of them are trying to drive,” said Matt Williams, Quintuplet’s Dad. 

Three if the Quints are part of the bowling team at Tascosa High. 

“I’m trying to get really good at it,” said Ethan Williams, Third Quintuplet Born. 

Little did they know, it’s a skill that was all in the family. 

“Ethan and Dixon were actually on it first and his friend Ollie is on it. So when they got on it, I was like that would be cool if I started,” said Mattison Williams, Fourth Quintuplet Born. 

When the quints were born…

“People always look at us all like alike,” said Garrett Williams, Last Quintuplet Born. 

Now 17 going on 18 they kind of still do, they’ve just all developed their own styles, personalities, and goals. 

“I mean Matti is more into country and I kind of like rap,” said Dixon Williams, Second Quintuplet Born. 

“I just like working on trucks and cars and I like going to the river and riding dirt bikes,” said Garrett. 

“I got a grade ahead of them so I started hanging out with a different crowd and clearly I dress differently,” said Ethan.

“I want to be a veterinarian or a doctor, just something to do with animals,” said Mattison.

“I want to be a police officer,” said Aidan Williams, First Quintuplet Born. 

Despite being the quint with cerebral palsy, Aidan doesn’t let his disability affect his ability.

“If anybody picks on any one of them, they’re right there to stand up for each other. And Aidan will do the same thing. He can bad mouth his siblings but he won’t anybody else do it,” said Leah.

It’s still up in the air what the future holds for the Williams Quintuplets.

“I take great pride and great joy. Hope I don’t cry— in who they will be and the people they will be,” said Sharon Williams, Stepmom. 

Next year, Ethan will graduate from Tascosa, Matti plans on serving her country and for Aidan, Dixon, and Garrett, well they’re just taking it one day at a time.

When it comes to milestones, we’ve been with the Williams Quints for many of them: From news of Leah’s pregnancy to their birth, how the community rallied around them, and their eighth birthday.
So, of course, we were there for their 17th birthday celebration, where things got a little messy but it was all in good fun. 

Look below to see that clip.

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